Not everyone wants their furniture to match. A family in Brooklyn was looking for a new, modern kitchen, but they wanted it to look like separate antique pieces that had been acquired at different times. This required a number of different designs to meet the need for this unique look.  Starting with the island…

The client had purchased an old butcher’s block. Incorporating it into the island by building a rustic base, true mortise and tendon out of ash wood, and building a small cabinet next to the butcher block with a marble top for pastry.  The cabinet in the corner with the two glass doors on top and drawers below was crafted from two old dressers.  The dressers were disassembled and transformed into this baking center, topped with a soapstone counter it looks like it has been the family for years.

The rest of the pieces evolved as we went along to achieve this kitchen that is fun, functional, and, yes, a little quirky.