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dave-expert-woodworkerDuet Fine Wood Work founder and owner David Zawistowski learned about woodworking from his Dad. While not being a carpenter by trade, his father was always working around the house and, as a kid, David would help him do things. A favorite tool in David’s studio is the ball-peen hammer he remembers using when he was 6 years old.

Fast forward many years, David has focused on fine custom woodwork.

mirror-tableAfter becoming disillusioned with the business world, David decided to take that big step and turn his hobby into a business. He started Duet Fine Wood Work with the aim of making custom furniture. In the spring of 2004 as a test of how he was doing, he entered a favorite piece into the Guildford Handcraft Center Studio Furniture Show. This was a juried exhibition focusing on innovative techniques and use of materials. The piece was one of 22 selected and it was awarded 3rd place! That same piece, an entry table with a tall, narrow mirror and curved legs, was one of 32 pieces selected from a field of 476 to tour the country in The Furniture Society’s Curv-i-ture Show. As the name implies, this exhibition focused on “la belle curve” in studio furniture.

David is proud of Duet Fine Wood Work. It’s been more than 15 years and he enjoys finding solutions for his clients. Custom woodwork means nothing is ever the same, be it a custom kitchen or wall full of built in cabinetry.  He is always figuring out the details that convert visions into reality.